Bad ideas. Expertly implemented.

We make things that “don't really need to exist”

A corporate embodiment of the human condition

Bad Idea Factory (BIFFUD) is a collective of chaotic creatives using technology to make people thinking face emoji. We exist to support whimsical, satirical, and occasionally meaningful work of makers around the world. As a technical comedy troupe, many of our projects are stupid, but all have been deeply vetted.

We build real things too of course. We're experts after all.

Our history

BIFFUD was founded in 2017 by nineteen unsuspecting fools. We had no choice because someone submitted a grant application in our name containing a picture of their cat and the funding was approved.

Since BIFFUD's inception, our Corporate Overlords, Members, and Accomplices have built tools in defense of truth, channeled spirtual guidance through emoji, influenced democratic elections, and even created life itself.

We have infiltrated places like the MIT Media Lab, Internet Archive, OpenNews, DocumentCloud, ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and Romania.

Our bylaws

Our bylaws were developed on github. There is some pretty great stuff in there.