We have all the answers

Trust us.

Is this real?

This is probably the most real thing on the Internet.

Who owns what you make?

Everything we build is open source; you can view our code on github.

How do I join?

First things first, if you have died or uploaded your brain to the cloud you can't be a part of Bad Idea Factory.

Assuming otherwise, there are three ways to get involved:

  1. Accomplices are people who contribute to a BIFFUD project. That could mean code, design, writing, or really any other way that a project owner deems significant. You might be compensated with money, but you will definitely also be compensated with not money.

  2. Members own BIFFUD projects. If you submit an idea that gets approved by the organization, you automatically become a member. Well done!

  3. Corporate Overlords are the owners of BIFFUD itself. They meet once a month to vote on project approvals and other Very Important Things during Plotting Sessions. Applying to become a Corporate Overlord involves filling out an application, presenting an original creative work for our amusement, getting approved, and making a $300 capital contribution.

Can we work together?

Behind the lulz is an actual organization run by adult humans. We're a surprisingly impressive group and several of us even make a living through BIFFUD projects.

If you have a project that could benefit from our "inventive" spirit and "interesting" community you should "consider" reaching out.

How does money work at BIFFUD?

There are two kinds of project here: fun and funded.

We try to give all fun projects a small stipend to support basics like domain names, server costs, and maybe a thank you gift for any Accomplices who help out.

Our bylaws outline the way we handle situations where a project gets funded or otherwise brings in money (e.g., through donations or… sales?)


  • Keeps 2.4% of gross income for any project.
  • Provides communal resources (e.g., developer licenses, premium emoji, accounting, an amazing brand).
  • Is probably going to go bankrupt.

Project Owners...

  • Have control over how they use their project's money.
  • Can pay themselves and others.
  • Can acquire corporate assets/licenses/etc.
  • Are responsible for delivering on commitments.

If a project has profit, BIFFUD keeps 20% of that for overhead costs like lawyers, accountants, and buying a company canoe.

Note: we recommend that anyone working on projects with no budget get some project level ownership for their time.

Will you build my bad idea for me?


Wait. Will you pay us? Maybe!

We provide a community of support to help YOU expertly implement your bad idea. Learning is encouraged and folks around here are in it for the fun (which is good, given we know nothing about money. You did read the last question, right?). Someone might even lend a hand to the wrong cause, so don't be shy!

I don't code or design; can I still participate?


Writing, sharing, being a fan, donating, and engaging with our community are all spectacular ways to keep the collective momentum alive. Pick a Patreon tier, watch our livestreamed coding sessions, make fun of us on Twitter, pitch bad ideas and help find accomplices to make them a reality.

What is the time commitment?

That's up to you. We ask Corporate Overlords to commit around five hours a month and attend a monthly Plotting Session. Project owners should expect to commit ten hours a month to keep their vision moving.

I still don't get it.

That is understandable.

So people have actually given you money to make things?

Yes. We were equally shocked to learn that there are organizations willing to write a check to something called Bad Idea Factory.

Every accounting department we have worked with gets genuinely concerned.

And you actually followed through?

Is that so hard to beli-- ah, right. Yes, we did!

Is it really legal to have a cis-hetero white male identity continuation clause?

It is our opinion that it is perfectly legal to automatically close a company if all owners identify as cis-hetro white men, but this theory has not yet been tested in court. (We've also got a Mario Party arbitrartion clause, so, you know.)

In general, regarding BIFFUD's bylaws, our lawyer said, and we quote:

The document you created was insane. As long as you and the other cofounders understand what you are trying to do, it will work.

Our lawyer stressed that it was important for all terms to be well defined and understood, so we made a flowchart to help people understand if they identify as a cis-hetero white male.

What other funny things have lawyers said to you?

We started looking into this question and realized that we completely forgot to mail out ownership certificates when they were due over a year ago. brb.