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Pitch: Charles and David's

December 05, 2018

Have a bad idea of your own? Write to us with your pitch or submit it directly. This one comes from Mike Bloomberg (the poor one).

Introducing Charles & David’s: The Conservative Alternative!

Do you have a hankering for some of that old-time, slow-churned, delicious American Ice Cream, but can’t bring yourself to support known lefty libs Ben & Jerry?

Launching with 10 Original Intent flavors, including:

  • Rum Reagan
  • Covfefe & Cream
  • Thin Mint Romney
  • Strawbarry Goldwater
  • Cherry Falwell
  • Ted “Chocolate” Nougat
  • NRA Parfait
  • Trickle Down Chocolonomics
  • The Fudge Report
  • French Vanilla

All proceeds go to share buy-backs.


It has been brought to our attention that this post is about US politics.