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The simplest way to talk about location, using humanity's only common, unambiguous language.


Look, we get it. Addresses are hard. There's no consistent system for identifying points on the planet. When humans name things, it becomes all sorts of problematic: street-based addresses are too long and prone to error; place names are ambiguous and disputed by different groups of people. Why not just throw everything out and start over with a perfectly rational algorithm?

Even better, let’s use the only common language of the entire human race. That's right, we're talking about emoji.

Emoji are universally recognized symbols for nearly all human thought and emotion, so nine of ten expert scientists predict that emoji will become the dominant, if not sole language for all humanity by the year 2075. Emoji are easy to type, understand, and completely unambiguous in meaning with zero controversies. The Unicode Consortium is constantly evaluating cultural trends for emoji candidates and adding millions of new emoji every year to continue accurately index human communication.

With our system, we divide the Earth into a 4m × 4m × 4m Dymaxion triangular mesh and assign a unique three-emoji combination using our state-of-the-art algorithm. You can explore the map to discover your own emoji address, and instantly send a precise location to your friends, family and peers around the world!

We are actively working with all map and geocoding vendors, and all local, state and federal governments, so that your emoji address is legally recognized worldwide.

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