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Talking Point Tracker

May 2018

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Talking Point Tracker


May 2018 – ∞


BIF 13


Summarized TV for fact checkers


You know that people say a lot of crazy stuff on television, but did you know there is a HUGE audience listening when that happens?

To put it in perspective: if you took everybody in the United States who primarily gets their news from TV and formed a new nation for them, then that nation's population would essentially match the current population of the United States.

I'm saying that most people in the U.S. get their news from TV.

Talking Point Tracker, funded by the Duke Reporters Lab, uses Opened Captions to keep track of the zeitgeist of television and report back on what it finds. The primary users are fact checkers who want to know the hot trends of a given moment of time, and use that to decide what to fact check.

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