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Accessible Narrative Text

Jul 2018

Project name

BBC News Labs' Accessible Narrative Text


July 2018 – March 2019


BIF 15


Now even the words people don't say can be accessible!


You may be asking yourself "What is Narrative Text?"

It's a fair question and one of those things that when it's explained to you, you instantly realise that you actually knew what it was, but just didn't know what it was called, because it had never cropped up in day-to-day conversation.

Narrative Text is text that is displayed over the top of video to describe elements of the story.

We're working closely with the BBC to take on the challenge of making BBC News' Narrative Text content accessible. BBC News had recently revamped the style and animation of their Narrative Text and wanted to make sure that it not only looked good, but was also accessible to as many people as possible. We replaced the 'burned-in' Narrative Text with the stuff of the web—HTML and CSS.

Now this text is now accessible by screenreaders, and the visually impaired. Hurrah!

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