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4,000 Under 40

Nov 2018

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4,000 Under 40


July 2018 – ∞


BIF 12


Trophies for everyone.


Have you ever been selected for a 30 under 30 list? Rising Stars? 40 under 40? Let's infer from your presence on this website that the answer is "No".

Hush now. Come with me. Watch out for the low-hanging steam pipes. I'll show you the secret entrance:

4,000 Under 40 is the luminary list anyone can join.

Gone are the days of finding a friend with gallery space and buying coffee for Forbes bloggers! Just submit your name and bio through the super secret backdoor, and your name, bio, and mug will appear on an entirely real-looking influencer list.

A Room of Requirement, but for your career

You'll stay on the luminary list for at least 40 days, until someone newer pushes you off. Plenty of time to leverage this starter honor into additional honors and superlatives.

Gen Xsters and Boom Babies Welcome

We don't know what an ageist is, but we'd never be one! If you find yourself on the grown-up side of 40, just provide us with a date before the day of that one awesome birthday party, and we'll use our Time Management System to back-date your selection into the past.

Imagine a world where you can play musical chairs and nobody loses. At Bad Idea Factory, we're fabricating that future.

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